Igalo is a town in the municipality of Herceg Novi in Montenegro. The geographic position and astonishing beauty of nature make Igalo and Herceg Novi the most attractive tourist locations on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. Igalo is known as a tourist destination, thanks to healing - with sea mud Mud beach - or as some call Stara Banja, the center's medical tourism in Montenegro. Igalo is also known unexploited mineral water called "Igaljka". More thirties of the last century they were tested in the laboratory igaljskog mud spas famous French Vichy ( "Vichy"), which is definitely confirmed his extraordinary healing properties, but only after the Second World War, on the initiative of Mirko J. STIJEPCIC who engage dr. Svetozar Živojnovića realized long ago adopted plans on the establishment of resorts in Igalo, which the Decision of the Government of Montenegro from 1.x and in 1949 finally established.

Vacations in Igalo is a real experience. Igalo has over 260 sunny days a year and the average annual temperature is 15.7 ° C. Swimming season in Igalo lasts from May until October. So your holiday in Igalo can take as much as 6-7 months

Boka Kotorska bay is one of the Mediterranean's most spectacular natural attractions. This is a big fjord like sea inlets, which consists of a series of small bay surrounded by cactuses, oleanders and palms. The road that runs mostly coastline connecting a number of small historic towns, villages and the newly constructed tourist destinations.

A Brief History of Igalo

Montenegrin town Igalo and its neighbor Herceg Novi were removed in a beautiful small bay on the southwest coast of the Boka bay at the foot of the mountain Orjen (1894 m). This place was a major crossroad of civilizations. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Illyrians had their settlements in the gulf as well as in the neighboring hills. Since that time, the big powers in the region such as Byzantine, medieval Slovenian tribes, Venetians, Spaniards, Turks, French and Austro-Hungarians, conquered and ruled this part of the Gulf. All these different rulers and kultutre, different armies, religious and ethnic groups have left an indelible mark not only on the local architecture, but also a way of life and mentality of the local population. Walking through the streets, squares and staircase Igalo spas, you can go through the history of the Mediterranean and also enjoy the benefits of modern tourism.